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Vancouver Bonding and White Fillings

Bonding and White Fillings Vancouver

Bonding is the easiest and quickest solution to repair a damage tooth; the repair can be completed in just one visit. Bonding uses a plastic composite resin, which hardens when cured by a blue UV light. At Wise Dental Centre, we use bonding to fix chipped teeth, close spaces, and change the shape of a tooth. We are able to perfectly match the composite filling material to your current tooth color resulting in beautiful new tooth.

Your bonding will be completed in a single visit. Dr. Wise will apply a mild cleanser to your tooth; the cleanser roughens your tooth so that the resin will adhere firmly. A resin that best matches your tooth colour is chosen and applied in layers to your tooth. Once Dr. Wise is satisfied with the repair, a blue UV light is applied to harden and cure the resin. As the final step, Dr. Wise will shape and polish the resin so it looks as completely natural.

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