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Vancouver Dentures

A denture is a prosthetic device used to replace some or all of the teeth and tissue on a particular arch. Missing sections of teeth can cause a variety of issues that can be solved through the use of a denture. Because teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks, missing teeth can result in a sunken appearance. Missing teeth can also cause problems with both pronunciation and chewing.

Wise Dental Center can provide you with two kinds of dentures: full or partial. Partial dentures (or "removable partial dentures") are used to replace a few missing teeth; they are held in place by clasps around existing teeth. Full dentures (also known as "complete dentures" and "false teeth") are used to replace all the teeth in a single arch.

How we make your dentures:

Dr. Wise will take an impression of your mouth, which will be sent to a laboratory. From that impression, your denture will be handcrafted specifically for you so that it looks as natural as possible. To ensure the best fit possible, adjustments to the denture will be made over a few visits. Once both you and Dr. Wise are satisfied, your denture will be inserted for a final time, after which it is yours to take home.

No matter what type of dentures you need, you need to care and maintain for them the same way you would for natural teeth. You should still return to our office every 6 months for your regular checkup.

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