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Vancouver Sports & Night Guards - Teeth Grinding

Sports guards are often required by athletes involved in contact sports to prevent or reduce injury to their mouth and teeth. Night guards are required by anyone suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding), teeth clenching or TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

Generic, pre-formed mouth guards are available on the market; however, since no two mouths are the same, their fit is often unsatisfactory. For optimal performance and safety, we recommend a guard that has been custom made to fit your mouth. Wise Dental Center is able to make several types of guards for your teeth and will provide you with a one-one consultation to determine the best option for you.

How our we make your mouthguard:

During your first visit, we'll take an impression of your mouth. This impression will be sent to a dental laboratory so they can fabricate a guard that will fit your mouth perfectly. Once we have received the guard, you'll come in for a final fitting, and then be on your way.

Set up a consultation and speak to our dental team.