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Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is a way of putting you in a state of extreme relaxation. It's designed to help patients who avoid the dentist, or have dental anxiety, for reasons including:

  • Fear of dentists/dental treatments
  • Fear or discomfort with noises and tastes associated with dental care
  • Fear of needles
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Trouble feeling numb after injections of local anaesthetic (Novocain)
  • Dental procedures that require longer treatment time in the dentist's chair

Oral sedation dentistry involves taking a small pill one hour before your appointment. You will be instructed to arrive one hour before your appointment to take the pill and you will be monitored until your procedure starts. You will need someone to drive you and pick you up from the office. You will not be completely asleep during your treatment, but you won't feel any pain and you will be able to respond to your dentist's questions and commands at all times. Oral sedation only mimics sleep by putting you in an intensely relaxed state. During your treatment, your vital signs will be constantly monitored. After the procedure, you will likely not even remember the procedure taking place.

The main advantages of oral sedation are ease of administration (you just take a small pill), it is highly affective in reducing anxiety, and very affordable to most patients

Moderate IV sedation

Intravenous Moderate Sedation (aka "IV sedation") is when a drug, usually of the anti-anxiety variety, is administered into the blood system during dental treatment.

IV sedation dentistry is a proven, safe and effective way to help patients-including those with high anxiety or those with physical responses including gagging or difficulty getting numb.

Medication is delivered through IV. To ensure your safety, while you are medicated you are continually monitored for vital signs. Baseline readings are taken at your first visit so we know what is normal for you.

Points to remember:

  • It is safe
  • You are in control of your own airways and reflex
  • You can respond to verbal commands of the dental team
  • You can return to work the next day without any problems
  • You feel like you are having a nice afternoon nap
  • You are relaxed, and you will likely not even remember the procedure
  • Moderate IV sedation is covered by most dental insurances.

Whether you have been postponing a simple dental checkup, restorative care or a brand-new smile, now's the time to take care of yourself. Now is the time to move forward into a healthier future with a beautiful smile.

Oral and IV sedation can be used for any dental procedures from basic cleanings and fillings to complicated surgeries.


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